Posted on December 16, 2017, 10:56 am
2 mins

DORIUM is an open concept to be filled democratically with evaluations, rules and decisions by the emerging DORIUM Community. The DORIUM White Paper seeks to preserve the openness of the approach, make few decisions and give much design to a commission of recognized experts or the emerging Online Community.

The project is financed in a way that avoids dependence on individual investors. The crouwd funding through an ICO allows the contributors to participate in the first, fundamental decisions in setting up the system (for example, appointment of the members of the commission of experts).

The White Paper on DORIUM should give suggestions and a first impression of what DORIUM can achieve. It shows the opportunities and risks of participating in the crowd funding.

Responsible for the content of the White Paper:

DOR Cyber Solutions AG, Industriestra├če 32, 9495 Triesen / Principality of Liechtenstein