Posted on December 16, 2017, 10:54 am
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The emission of SoBz is coordinated by the DOR Foundation from Liechtenstein. The foundation receives an initial amount of 50 billion SoBz blanks from the DOR Cyber Solutions AG, Liechtenstein.

Before the emission of the first “empty”, virtual SoBz blank, a commission is appointed by the owners of the DOR-NEX Tokens as well as the Board of Trustees of the DOR Foundation, which decides on the award of SoBz blanks based on socio-economic creditworthiness. The members of the commission must have worked mainly in the creation of social value for at least 15 years, supply a proven record of work, or have a corresponding social reputation and recognition.

The foundation will use the SoBz blanks in only one out of the following ways:

– Creation of SoBz based on social-economic creditworthiness to support projects through experienced, well-known NGOs

– Creation of SoBz as a bonus based on achieved seimpact (private impact investments, CSR activities)

– Creation of SoBz as a remuneration based on activities in the DORIUM Community

– Creation of SoBz to ensure an unconditional basic income for certain regions or groups of persons facing extreme poverty

Thus, the creation of SoBz exclusively happens by direct securitization of seimpact or funding of future seimpact. The commission of leading experts in the creation of social and socioeconomic value authorizes the DOR Foundation to issue SoBz blanks. Later this role will be taken over by the Community where all people can participate equally.

All stakeholders of the Socio-Economic System are mining seimpact to fill the virtual SoBz blanks issued by DOR Foundation (so-called social economic mining). SoBz blanks are digital assets that are filled and coined with a real, socio-economic value. Many other crypto-currencies, on the other hand, remain a digital asset because they do not securitize any additional real values. In many cases, they arise from the release of transactions and the energy unnecessarily spent with it.

The measurement and evaluation of seimpact securitized by SoBz (so-called Trinity Method) and the initial definition of the quantity of seimpact coined on each SoBz (permanent absorption of 250 kg greenhouse gas) are described in the DORIUM WhitePaper.