Posted on December 16, 2017, 10:56 am
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DORIUM controls and manages real projects, productions, businesses and regional development on a virtual blockchain and with the help of an online community. The connection between the real and the virtual world is therefore crucial.

Therefore, DORIUM supports the creation and implementation of social-economic incubator centers worldwide, which promote sustainable entrepreneurship based on the Socio-Economic System. The incubator centers offer the common use of different resources (so-called sustainable sharing economy) and a basis for know-how transfer and education.

Within a short time, socio-economic islands are emerging worldwide that can connect with each other and grow out of themselves. Sustainability is an increasingly important argument for customers and employees when choosing a product or a workplace.

DORIUM offers the opportunity to support and finance start-ups and research projects whose goal is to achieve sustainable, socio-economic change. The incubator centers will be home to experts who help social start-ups build their businesses.

The first incubator centers might be built on the Island of Tuvalu.