Posted on December 19, 2017, 1:49 pm
2 mins

DORIUM is not a journey along well-known routes – it’s an expedition. Here is the logbook:

2004 – 2011: Hajir Tahassori and Andreas Lang supported different small charity projects in Iraq and Western Sahara.

2006: Hajir Tahassori and Andreas Buxbaum founded Startup And Angles (SUA) Initiative in Darmstadt to promote social responsibility concepts for small and medium size companies and the development of startups and business models based on regional needs in a global economy.

Feb 2012: The team behind DORIUM started free training courses for neurosurgeons in Iraq. More than 25 surgeons trained in 30 months, supported by Federal Ministry of Health, Germany, and more than EUR 450,000 private investment

Mar 2014: DOR Foundation, Liechtenstein, established. Purpose: how to reach sustainable values with small or micro investment? Research on Social Business approach, promoted by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006.

Oct 2015: Dr. Hesam Ganjavian and Hajir Tahassori started development for different tele-medicine applications; first contact with blockchain technology.

Dec 2016: First high-concept of DORIUM by Hajir Tahassori and Andreas Lang. Research on Blockchain Technology to evaluate usage and security of the technology.

Mar 2017: Development of DORIUM Visionary Document, Technical Document and Business Concept. Ongoing discussion with partners and consultants. Creation of SoBz and DORIUM design.

Jun 2017: Preparation for DORIUM ICO – development of WhitePaper, DOR-NEX design and technical definition.

Nov 2017: Introduction of DORIUM at Global Social Business Summit Paris. Discussion with Prof. Yunus, his team and participants of the event. Daniel Nowack, Head of Business Development at Yunus Social Business Funds, joins the DORIUM Team.

Dec 2017: WhitePaper for DOR-NEX ICO greenlighted by team and consultants. ICO scheduled for 17.02. – 03.03.2018.