Posted on December 16, 2017, 10:57 am
2 mins

The community of DORIUM users has a decisive role in the introduction and later use of the new, Socio-Economic System and in the preparation and monitoring of projects within the DORIUM system. The Blockchain Technology enables a transparent and decentralized way of working, a sustainable sharing economy, the distributed management and collection of data as well as the democratic decision-making within the DORIUM Economic System.

By actively participating in the community and supporting DORIUM projects, the user can build up and improve their own socio-economic credit rating. A higher credit rating allows the user to take more responsibility in the community (e.g., clearance of transactions). Many of the activities of users who have demonstrably positive socio-economic effects (seimpact) are additionally rewarded with SoBz.

As soon as the DORIUM community reaches a defined size, it will more and more take over the decisions of the commission of experts. In particular, it will democratically decide on the use of the currency and its issue in the future.

In different project stages, users have different possibilities to get involved in the design, implementation and usage of DORIUM:

DORIUM provides tools to solve the world’s current, environmental and humanitarian problems through the issuance of a socio-economic credit currency and the use of Blockchain Technology. Only an active community of many committed people can use these tools to develop and implement the solutions.