New Consultant

Posted on January 10, 2018, 8:48 am
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DORIUM is proud to announce Leonard van Oord as a new consultant. Leonard will provide his experience in the field of impact creation and impact measurement to the concept. He is supporting personally and with his family different impact investments in Africa and is currently finishing his studies of Art and Economy in Utrecht/Netherlands.

“The DORIUM system offers many opportunities and fills a number of gaps in todays systems and institutions. Why do people get huge financial rewards for doing things that have dubious effects on the systems in which people live, but do people who attempt to do something that is purely focused on improving the lives of others or the environment get little to no appreciation except for their intrinsic rewards. Why is there no scale with which to measure if people are doing good? To me the DORIUM system would offer a fantastic opportunity to be able to measure social impact and to reward people for doing good, a system this world clearly lacks.”, Leonard van Oord

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