The Team behind DORIUM and pioneering blockchain developer æternity agreed on a development partnership for DORIUM Blockchain using the æternity blockchain engine. During an initial phase of the cooperation, the teams will define the architecture of the DORIUM blockchain and define the multiple use-cases.

The æternity blockchain technology is leading in the field of scalable smart contracts and efficient data management. Because of the huge number of users, data management is the biggest challenge for the blockchain behind DORIUM.

“What strikes me about DORIUM is that it’s not just an application, but a complete economic system. Blockchain technology offers the opportunity to tackle problems completely new, to develop new solutions. I believe that this project can change a lot. Due to its scalability, æternity is the optimal basis for this. We look forward to accompanying and supporting this ambitious approach with æternity.”, Yanislav Malahov, Founder and CEO of æternity

More details to be announced after signing a partnership agreement.

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