DORIUM: 7th continent discovered

Posted on December 15, 2017, 9:00 pm
9 mins

DORIUM is a social-economic System creating, rewarding and financing social and environmental impact. An online Community is governing the measurement, evaluation and documentation of social-economic impact (short: seimpact) in a transparent, democratic and distributed way by using Blockchain Technology.

For rewarding and financing seimpact, a new cryptocurrency (so called SoBz) is getting created and emitted by a commission of very well known, experienced experts of social value creation. The emission of SoBz only happens as a reward for reached seimpact or as a means of financing for intended, future seimpact.

The value behind each SoBz is a designated seimpact, a small part of a solution, a development and an improvement.

Each tradable SoBz supported, rewarded or financed a project or person and got coined with the reached seimpact. A new value system for the evaluation of all kinds of seimpact is rising on DORIUM Blockchain, established by the online Community of all stakeholders.

Companies accepting SoBz as a means of payment and investors purchasing SoBz at a crypto currency exchange are participating in the potential of Blockchain and crypto currencies, they get related to the reached seimpact and the well know experts of social value creation and they are supporting the development and opening of new markets. Everyone can see and trace their effort, their investment, their support and the created seimpact they are participating in.

To reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, an investment between USD 5-7 trillion is needed. Part of this can be achieved by using SoBz to support the projects of existing, experienced NGOs. In return, the life of billions of humans can be changed, new wealth for any investor (DOR-NEX ICO) gets created in a sustainable way, and a new market with the potential of a 7th continent gets discovered.


Blockchain Technology

Distributed, secure data management, transparent, democratic and worldwide accessible – improved by multi-parts and multi-dimensions ledgers, a so-called proof-of-reference mechanism and so-called verified smart contracts.

Social Business 5.0

Nobel Peace Price 2006 winning concept of micro loans, social business and impact Investment – improved by a dedicated crypto-currency for social-economic impact and its own social-economic system.


Commission of Experts

Crypto-Currency for social-economic impact governed by a commission of well-know, highly regarded experts working successfully in social value creation since at least 15 years – prominent ambassadors of the DORIUM concept.

DORIUM Community

Community of all involved stakeholders, taking over decision-making on creation of new SoBz, support for selected projects and the development of a new, blockchain based value system and reference database.

The Team behind DORIUM

DORIUM is a tool-set for a Community to run a New Eco-System based on socio-economic impact – controlled by a Board of Experts. The Team behind DORIUM just built the tools and throwed the stone into the water. Each member of the Team is working in his industry for more than 15 years. But the encounter with many dedicated people led them all to DORIUM.

Consultants behind DORIUM

The experienced consultants behind DORIUM are the bridge between the concept and the implementation. Each of them well-know in his specialty, they will ensure to implement the most innovative, complete and useable version of DORIUM in the most efficient way – linked by the shared enthusiasm for Blockchain and sustainable social impact.

Supporting SoBz

DORIUM and SoBz are not asking for ongoing investments to support or finance social impact. Companies, organizations and all people who are willing to accept SoBz as a means of payment are supporting the new eco-system, are participating in the innovation of blockchain technology and are helping to reach highest sustainable goals.